It is so much more than just scanning! This is what we live for. Your scanned file deliverable can look many different ways but it will generally always be a set of enhanced PDF’s with OCR applied.


  • Removal of physical debris (staples, paperclips, etc.)
  • Organization of like documents in chronological order
  • Indexing preparation


  • Implement custom naming conventions
  • Attribution of each document to include date and type
  • Pre-defined well file taxonomy, customization available


  • One file at a time
  • PDF format stored on an isolated and encrypted server


    • Final upload to encrypted cloud based drive for retrieval
    • Processed and newly organized files repacked
    • Boxes returned to office or off site storage facility
    • Arrange and manage certified document destruction


      Your maps are the backbone of your GIS game. So how hard are they working for you rolled up in the corner of your office? We can take your maps, scan them and provide you with color/greyscale vector or raster files.


      We only use the best. Pepper Well File Management is a Preferred Partner with Neuralog and uses their scanners and software suite exclusively. Depending on your need we can scan your logs in color, process them on or off site and make them immediately available in TIFF/PDF format. Our rates are billed on a per log basis to make project budgeting that much easier.


      Did you know converting TIFF documents to PDF will save you an average of 20% in server space? We did. And we want to make everything you have efficient. Including those ‘digital’ files you received in your last acquisition that you didn’t know what to do with so you just stuck them in a shared drive hoping someone would deal with them later.

      We will convert to the most practical document type, utilize OCR, optimize it for web view and apply any naming convention changes needed. Your new set of searchable documents will be uploaded to a secure cloud based server and made available as they are processed.


      Have you ever been out of the office and needed to login to locate or verify a piece of information? Only to put it off because either you couldn’t or did not want to remotely connect to your servers? How about having access to all of your records from your phone or tablet? With Cloud Hosting everything is made available via web login. Never be stranded in a field (literally) again!


      Pepper Well File Management is proud to be a Preferred Partner with Neuralog. Utilizing Neuralog Software offerings we are able to maximize the usable information from your Well Log. Increase productivity by empowering your log analyst to have the ability to access enhanced quality and availability of Well Log data. Digitizing streamlines your workflow by sending reliable digital data to your most time sensitive projects.

      Unique quality improvement, editing and validation assure that your digital log data, which often comes from vendors where quality is uncertain, can be corrected and verified to meet your needs. Working with raster well logs? We can create straightened and depth registered images for your geological applications. Whether you are only interested in a particular zone or the depth of the entire Well, we have low curve minimums and charge per hundred curve feet.


      Do you have drilling, production or other standard format reports coming in that would be easier to digest if they were compiled in a customized format and combined different sources? We can take your reports, extract the requested data and submit a tailored deliverable that will help your analytics team make the most informed decisions.


      What good is all of this newly formatted data if there is no way to effectively search for it? We will organize your files according to an agreed upon hierarchy to make the database as detailed (or not) as you want. SQL Database creation? We got you. Flat File Database? Absolutely. Key Value Model? Check!


      You did the hard part. You’ve started the Company and acquired the Asset – you need to focus on the day to day big strides not that fortress of cardboard boxes containing information you don’t even know about yet! Let us coordinate for you:

      • Delivery of data. In a perfect world we can reduce a step by taking possession of your documents immediately following a close. We will work with the seller to arrange delivery to our offices for processing.
      • We will monitor project progress and provide you with scheduled status updates to ensure proper metrics are being met.
      • Once everything is digitized you have two fantastic options: Destroy the physical data or maintain it. If you prefer to hold on to it, we will arrange delivery to the address of your choice. Alternately, we are able to arrange to securely destroy it, have the content recycled and present you with a Certificate of Destruction.


      Buying or selling? Likely so.Whether you are retaining an interest on an outgoing transaction and prefer to keep a record or simply do not want to inherit piles of boxes with an acquisition – we have your back.We are able to arrange delivery to our offices, process the data according to your specifications and either send it out to its new owner or destroy the physical record.Your call!


        Have trouble letting go? We can store the physical records until you are ready to say goodbye. Know you are ready to begin the digitization journey but have a few other things to handle first? We understand – and we can help by storing the physical records until you say ‘Go’.

        In a climate controlled warehouse in Houston, we will keep things locked down with restricted access and fire suppression. Do you need the boxes to adhere to a retention schedule? We can handle that for you too.


        Leveraging ThoughtTrace, we take OCR out of the stone age to the digital age where machine learning intelligently extracts metadata and expertly classifies each document. Available with all of our digitization services. Plus, Pepper Well File Management is a certified ThoughtTrace System Integration Partner, giving us the know-how to setup or provide administration services for your in-house ThoughtTrace solution.


        Let us help make the transactional process simple by taking your digital dataset into a virtual data room for your authorized guests. From there we can arrange the data export and maintain security on your files. We can even customize the ‘Data Dump’ to fit its new operating systems requirements.


        M-Files is an extremely powerful framework to build tailored document management solutions with robust taxonomy and full text search. However, configuring and building out an M-Files solution can be daunting without specialized skillsets, which is where Pepper Well File Management can help. Let us implement, manage, or take your existing M-Files solution to the next level.

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